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Underwriting Management System

Our ExposuresMgtSystems is a web-based underwriting and policy management system that enables the easy classification and tracking of insured hospitals, physicians, medical groups, and other health care related entities. It can be integrated with claims systems for insured coverage verification and policy tracking.
Features at a Glance
Flexible policy configuration, managment, and policy document generation in PDF
Easy classification and tracking of insured entities
Easy integration with hospital credentialing systems for batch loading of insured information
Self-service portal for medical practitioners to generate and print own Advice of Insurance (AOI)
Data access security algorigthm that restricts users to datasets pertaining to their roles and organization
Configurable policy data export to claims system
Integrates with claims system for insured coverage verification
Allows physician sharing between multiple insured hospitals with proper time allocation
Easy management and tracking of slot coverage
Enhanced security and audit trails
Easy document generation in PDF - cancellation notice, certificate of insurance etc
Easy and quick adding of insured entity subsidiaries and affliated organizations
Provides capability for tracking facility exposure measures like number of outpatient visits etc.
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User Interface at a Glance
Policy Management User Interface Slot Coverage Assignment User Interface  

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